Established in the year 1980, Freelin-Wade still continues to reign supreme up until this day. The founder, Fred Plews, started growing the company with the use of dental equipment that eventually helped him create a special polyurethane.

Known for the high-performance it produces, the company is growing at an impressive scale. It now currently holds over a hundred employees. They are continuously improving their product line in plastic tubing, flexible hoses, and other variations.

Pneumatic Tubing

Freelin-Wade knew what the customer needed before the company started out in the industry. They knew what the market was lacking, and they were quick to look for a solution.

Mainly wanting to decrease their client’s cost for tubing, the makers wanted to produce a high-end tubing that wouldn’t crack or corrode in the long-run.

As an answer, they discovered pneumatic tubing. This special kind of material is being made from polyurethane. It has a unique characteristic that makes it resistant to chemicals, kinks, and even abrasions.

The tubing is exceptionally flexible, and it has been incorporated with a first-rate memory for coiled tubing applications. Unlike the other competitors on the market, this comes in with 4 layers of hardness.

In other words, it’s been specially designed to take on pneumatic applications that use push-to-connect fittings or barbs. They are known for their forte in a small diameter (less than an inch OD).

However, despite Freelin-Wade’s popularity in the tubing department, they are also known for several extrude resins as well. To name a few, these are Nylon, PVC (Vinyl), Polyethylene, Kynar, FEP, Static Dissipative Polyurethane, and many other compounds.

Flexible Tubing

Freelin-Wade’s products (plastic tubes) are hands down one of the most flexible in the market. As a matter of fact, it is more flexible than the pipe. The company wanted to highlight the fact that the idea of flexibility isn’t objective, but it’s subjective.

In all their years of being in business, they have agreed that these two most flexible plastic tubing they have created thus far are Polyurethane and PVC.

As they want to keep in touch with what the application demands, Polyurethane has been created to resist and endure the harshness of higher pressures.

It does a better job than PVC in persistence. Their product, specifically Polyurethane, deliver four different kinds of characteristics.

Hard Plastic Tubing

Tackling on different areas of meeting the market’s demands, Freelin-Wade offers harder plastic tubing, such as Nylon, Polyethylene, FEP, and Kynar. Naturally, since it’s made with a more solid material, its flexibility is compromised.

However, it’s the ideal answer to piping.  Most of the materials stated above (except for Polyethylene) have great memory features, perfect for making them into self-storing hoses.

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